614 Restaurant Week Columbus 2024

614 restaurant week columbus

614 Restaurant Week, also known as 614RW, is a biannual event that celebrates the diverse and thriving culinary scene in Columbus, Ohio. This week-long event brings together some of the best restaurants in the city, offering special deals and menus for diners to enjoy.

The next 614 Restaurant Week is from September 13-18, 2024, and is a highly anticipated event for food lovers in the city. It is a great opportunity for Columbus residents and visitors to explore new restaurants and cuisines, support local businesses, and indulge in delicious meals at discounted prices.

Over 160 restaurants participate in 614 Restaurant Week, offering a wide range of dining experiences. These include:

  1. Fine Dining Restaurants: These upscale establishments offer a luxurious dining experience, often with a prix fixe menu.
  2. Casual Dining Restaurants: These restaurants offer a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, with a variety of dishes on their special menus.
  3. Ethnic Cuisine Restaurants: Columbus is home to a diverse community, and this is reflected in the various ethnic cuisine restaurants participating in 614 Restaurant Week.
  4. Fast Casual Restaurants: For those looking for a quick and casual dining experience, there are plenty of fast-casual restaurants to choose from.

During 614 Restaurant Week, these restaurants offer special deals and discounts, making it the perfect time to try new dishes or visit your favorite restaurant. These deals include prix fixe menus, discounted prices, and special menu items.

To participate in 614 Restaurant Week, diners can make reservations at their desired restaurant. It is recommended to make reservations in advance, as these popular restaurants tend to fill up quickly during this event. This is also a great opportunity to try new and unique restaurants and dishes that you may not have tried otherwise. Additionally, diners can share their experience on social media using the hashtag #614RW, creating a buzz and promoting these local restaurants.

Participating in 614 Restaurant Week not only allows you to enjoy delicious meals, but also supports the local restaurant industry. It is a great way to discover new dishes and flavors, and also save some money while doing so. So mark your calendars and get ready to indulge in the culinary delights of Columbus during 614 Restaurant Week.

What Is Restaurant Week?

Restaurant Week is a yearly event that features participating restaurants offering special fixed-price menus, allowing diners to sample the local dining scene without overspending. This event serves as an excellent platform for restaurants to showcase their cuisine and entice new customers, while diners can indulge in top-notch meals at discounted rates.

When Is 614 Restaurant Week?

When does 614 Restaurant Week take place? This highly anticipated event in Columbus usually happens in March, featuring exclusive prix-fixe menus at a variety of local restaurants. It’s the perfect chance to discover the city’s diverse culinary scene and treat yourself to unique dining experiences. Many German Village restaurants will be in attendance.

Pro-tip: Be sure to make reservations in advance for popular restaurants to guarantee your spot during this busy week!

What Restaurants Participate in 614 Restaurant Week?

614 Restaurant Week is a highly anticipated event in Columbus, Ohio, where foodies can explore the city’s vibrant culinary scene at discounted prices. With over 120 participating restaurants, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Let’s take a closer look at the types of restaurants that participate in 614 Restaurant Week. From fine dining establishments to casual eateries, ethnic cuisine to fast casual options, there is a diverse range of restaurants to choose from during this exciting week. Follow it with fun outings on our things to do in Columbus Ohio this weekend list and you’ll have a great week!

1. Fine Dining Restaurants

  • Explore the selection of participating fine dining restaurants offering prix fixe menus.
  • Due to high demand, be sure to make reservations well in advance.
  • Remember to arrive on time and adhere to the restaurant’s dress code.

Pro-tip: Fine dining restaurants often have limited seating, so it’s best to book your table early for the optimal experience.

2. Casual Dining Restaurants

Participating in 614 Restaurant Week, casual dining restaurants provide a relaxed atmosphere and a diverse selection of menu options. These restaurants include beloved local spots such as Milestone 229, known for its laid-back vibe and flavorful dishes, and The Walrus, which offers a casual yet trendy atmosphere and delicious comfort food.

Get ready to spice up your taste buds and expand your cultural palate with the diverse offerings from ethnic cuisine restaurants participating in 614 Restaurant Week.

3. Ethnic Cuisine Restaurants

  • Discover a wide variety of international flavors at 3. ethnic cuisine restaurants during 614 Restaurant Week.
  • Savor authentic dishes like Indian curry, Vietnamese pho, or Mexican mole.
  • Immerse yourself in the diverse culinary traditions of different cultures, from the bold spices of India to the savory flavors of Thailand.

4. Fast Casual Restaurants

Fast casual restaurants offer a happy medium between fast-food and casual dining. They offer freshly prepared, high-quality food with more service than traditional fast-food restaurants, but without full table service. During 614 Restaurant Week, fast casual restaurants such as Local Roots and Brassica participate by offering special menu items and discounted prices.

If you’re in search of a speedy yet delightful dining experience, consider checking out fast casual restaurants during 614 Restaurant Week. You can indulge in unique dishes and fantastic deals while also supporting local establishments.

What Are the Deals and Specials Offered during 614 Restaurant Week?

If you’re a foodie in Columbus, you won’t want to miss out on the highly anticipated 614 Restaurant Week. With over 120 participating restaurants, this event offers a wide variety of dining options for all taste buds. But what exactly are the deals and specials offered during this week? In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the different offerings, including prix fixe menus, discounted prices, and special menu items, so you can plan your culinary adventure accordingly.

1. Prix Fixe Menus

  • Discover a variety of prix fixe menus offered during 614 Restaurant Week, featuring multiple courses at a set price.
  • Preview menus from participating restaurants beforehand to choose the ones that align with your culinary preferences.
  • Make reservations well in advance at popular venues to secure a table during the event.

Pro-tip: Consider trying lunch prix fixe menus to enjoy the same culinary delights at a more affordable price.

2. Discounted Prices

Check the official 614 Restaurant Week website for a list of participating restaurants offering discounted prices.

Look for specific menus or dishes with reduced rates during the event.

Consider exploring different cuisines at discounted rates to make the most of the culinary experience.

During 614 Restaurant Week, take advantage of discounted prices to savor an array of delectable dishes and explore diverse dining options without breaking the bank.

Get ready to indulge in unique and delicious dishes during 614 Restaurant Week, because these special menu items are not to be missed!

3. Special Menu Items

  • Explore unique dishes
  • Indulge in limited-time offerings
  • Discover chef’s special creations

During 614 Restaurant Week, participating restaurants feature three special menu items, allowing diners to savor exclusive culinary delights.

How Can You Participate in 614 Restaurant Week?

Ready to indulge in the delicious culinary scene of Columbus? 614 Restaurant Week is the perfect opportunity to try out new restaurants and support local businesses. In this section, we’ll discuss the various ways you can participate in this exciting event. From making reservations to trying out new dishes, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Plus, we’ll share how you can share your experiences on social media and help spread the word about this fantastic event.

1. Make Reservations

  • Make reservations by visiting the official website or calling the restaurant directly.
  • Be sure to check for any specific reservation guidelines or requirements.
  • Confirm your reservation to avoid any inconvenience.

2. Try New Restaurants

  • Research: Browse through online reviews, menus, and social media to discover new and trending restaurants.
  • Plan: Create a list of restaurants that catch your attention and align with your preferences.
  • Visit: Schedule visits to these unfamiliar restaurants during 614 Restaurant Week to take advantage of exclusive deals and menus.

3. Share Your Experience on Social Media

  • Take captivating photos of your dining experience
  • Tag the restaurant and use relevant hashtags
  • Write a genuine review and share your experience on social media

Pro-tip: Interact with other diners online to discover hidden gems and receive personalized recommendations for your next visit.

Because let’s be real, who doesn’t love supporting local restaurants, trying new dishes, and saving money all at the same time?


What Are the Benefits of Participating in 614 Restaurant Week?

Are you a foodie looking for your next culinary adventure in Columbus? Look no further than 614 Restaurant Week! This annual event showcases the diverse and delicious cuisine of the city, featuring special menus and deals from participating restaurants. But why should you partake in this week-long celebration of food? In this section, we’ll explore the benefits of participating in 614 Restaurant Week, from supporting local businesses to trying new and unique dishes, all while saving money. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and support your community!

1. Support Local Restaurants

  • Choose local dining establishments over chains to show your support for local restaurants.
  • Patronize independent eateries during events like 614 Restaurant Week to support and promote local businesses.
  • Regularly dine at community-owned restaurants to contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Expand your palate and your waistline with delicious and daring dishes during 614 restaurant week!

2. Try New and Unique Dishes

  • Explore diverse cuisines from participating restaurants.
  • Order unique dishes not usually available on the regular menu.
  • Ask servers for chef’s specials or exclusive creations.

Experience new and unique dishes during 614 Restaurant Week and indulge in innovative flavors and culinary artistry.

3. Save Money

  • Discover prix fixe menus at discounted rates for an economical dining experience.
  • Utilize discounted prices to indulge in high-quality meals without overspending.
  • Enjoy special menu items at reduced prices during this event.

Consider trying out new restaurants and dishes, making reservations in advance, and sharing your delightful experiences on social media to maximize your savings during 614 Restaurant Week while still enjoying delicious food!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Restaurant Week Columbus?

Restaurant Week Columbus is a highly anticipated event presented by (614) Magazine and Revolution Mortgage, taking place from January 22-27, 2024. It features over 150 of the best restaurants in Columbus offering special 3 course menus at fixed prices ($15-$50) as well as carry-out options.

2. Which restaurants are participating in Restaurant Week Columbus?

The event’s website features a list of participating restaurants and their menus. The list includes both old favorites and new places to try. You can also sort restaurants by dietary needs and preferences, such as gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian.

3. When is Restaurant Week Columbus happening?

The event will take place from Monday, December 11, 2023 to Sunday, December 17, 2023, with the main event happening from January 22, 2024 to January 27, 2024.

4. Are there any benefits to attending Restaurant Week Columbus?

In addition to enjoying delicious three course meals at discounted prices, attending Restaurant Week Columbus also benefits the Family Mentor Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports at-risk youth in the community.

5. How can I stay updated on Columbus’ winter events and activities?

By subscribing to Columbus on the Cheap’s email list, you can receive updates and information on not just Restaurant Week Columbus, but also other fun activities and events happening in the city during the colder months.

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