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Commercial Property For Sale Columbus Ohio

Search Commercial Real Estate Columbus Ohio

Explore the latest commercial property for sale Columbus Ohio, listings boasting more properties 350 unique listings available in the vicinity. Preserve these findings by saving your search. 

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Are you seeking commercial real estate for sale or rent Columbus Ohio? Consider perusing our up-to-date compilation page of businesses ready for sale in Columbus. You may find the perfect chance to acquire a fully operational business accompanied by a loyal client base.

Search Commercial Property For Sale Columbus Ohio

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Search commercial property for sale Columbus Ohio

147 N. High Street – Brunson Building Retail Condo

Retail condominium units. Located in Columbus. 1594 square feet of parking. Leased for the following months.

1503-1505 Alum Creek Dr Columbus, OH 43209

1/22 a.m.

1058 E 15th Ave Columbus, OH 43211


89 W Park Ave Columbus, OH 43222

1/22 – 1.

5230 Renner Rd Columbus, OH 43228

13 /08.

616 E Whittier St Columbus, OH 43206


2609 E Dublin Granville Rd Columbus, OH 43231


1312 E Broad St Columbus, OH 43205

Columbus commercial real estate listing pending

5466 E Livingston Ave Columbus, OH 43232


618 Neil Ave Columbus, OH 43215

Columbus commercial real estate Opportunity zones.

1850-1852, 1854 & 1866 S High St Columbus, US

Commercial Real Estate Duplex

80 Governors Pl Columbus, OH 43203

Commercial Real Estate Opportunities zones.

About Columbus Commercial Real Estate

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Columbus commercial real estate is experiencing a surge of expansion in its populace, thanks to robust employment growth and affordable living standards. It’s one of America’s rapidly expanding cities, having welcomed over 10,750 new inhabitants in 2018 alone. Now, with almost 900,000 residents, it stands as the Midwest’s second-largest city, following Chicago, and holds a position within the nation’s top 20 most populous cities.

commercial real estate columbus ohio

This demographic buying Columbus commercial Real Estate has upsurged, combined with an expansive pool of skilled professionals and competitive corporate expenses, is drawing businesses planning to broaden or shift their base. The city is a nexus for healthcare, retail, and financial services, hosting leading employers like Nationwide, Ohio State University, JP Morgan Chase, OhioHealth, and Kroger. Recent expansions by companies like Quantum Health and Aldi are introducing a varied spectrum of lucrative employment options.

Columbus’s strategic location establishes it as a pivotal distribution center, with logistical resources increasing by over 10% since 2018. Its connectivity extends to approximately half of the U.S. population within a day’s journey, attracting giants like Amazon, DHL, HomeGoods, and Home Depot to broaden their reach here. The city takes pride in the Rickenbacker International Airport, a rare cargo-centric facility, which is projected for further enlargement courtesy of a substantial Federal Aviation Administration grant. Significant rail networks by Norfolk Southern and CSX also converge in the Rickenbacker zone. These are office properties that have stagnated since Covid.

Columbus commercial real estate, benefiting from numerous educational establishments and top-tier public schools, Columbus appeals to families and budding professionals. It presents an array of recreational prospects, from the renowned Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to cultural gems like the Franklin Park Conservatory and Columbus Museum of Art. Outdoor enthusiasts relish proximity to places like Hocking Hills State Park and the diverse trails of Scioto Audubon Metro Park. The city is a gastronomic and brewing hotspot and entertains sports fans with its various teams, including the Blue Jackets, Columbus Crew, and Clippers.

Columbus commercial real estate – Where Opportunities Await!

columbus commercial real estate

Is Columbus a good city to invest in real estate?

Columbus Real Estate has an extensive portfolio of property options for sale ranging from single homes to complex apartments for multiple units. The diversity of the economy, low unemployment rates and growing populations make this a promising place to rent. Contact the top real estate agents Columbus Ohio for more information.

Is Columbus a good rental market?

Stable rental markets. Columbus has been recognized by many as a top rental town by WalletHub for years. Columbus’s rental markets have received good ratings based on market activity, affordable rentals, and overall quality of life. Find the best Columbus Ohio commercial real estate brokers for expert advice.

What is the most profitable Columbus commercial real estate?

The commercial real estate properties able to produce the best return on investment are generally the most active. Commercial buildings may include multifamily developments, student apartments, offices or mixed use buildings.

Where is the best place to get commercial real estate news?

Globe St.Com provides commercial real estate and investment information to navigate the commercial real property market. Their website has been recognized for a reputation in the industry as being the go-to site for those needing to be on top of the current trends in their market.

Do I need a commercial real estate attorney Columbus Ohio?

Tell me the best mixed usage property example? The most common examples of Columbus commercial real estate such a building include various types of commercial, retail and residential buildings. For example, a restaurant could have stores or offices at the bottom floor. The next level can be used as an apartment or condo.

What is one advantage of a mixed-use property?

Other commonly accepted mixed-use configurations include a commercial space on a block on one side and a residential building on a block on the other. Using these tools businesses can profit from high foot traffic zones but provide locals with an isolated place of refuge from traffic noise.

What is the housing market prediction for Columbus Ohio?

According to the Columbus Metropolitan Statistics Area report of the Columbus commercial real estate section, (MSA), market trends are expected to continue to grow. It is expected that growth will occur by 0.7% in 2023, followed by an 8% increase in 2023.

What is the housing market forecast for Columbus in 2023?

Demand is anticipated to remain constant for Columbus commercial real estate . Craig Hicks from Columbus Realtors believes the market should remain steady in 2023. Columbus has been named No. 14 among top 100 homes forecast by Realtors for the next five years and is projected to increase by 5% from 2023 to 2025.

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