Accessibility Statement

Columbus Real Estate Agents is steadfast in ensuring our website is accessible to all individuals. Should you encounter any issues in accessing content, face challenges in viewing files on the site, or discover any other accessibility hindrances, we encourage you to reach out to us. Please detail the specific difficulties encountered, and disclose the type of assistive technology you are utilizing. Our team is dedicated to delivering the content necessary to you in the format you necessitate.

We welcome any suggestions or feedback on how to continue enhancing our website’s accessibility.

Adjusting Your Browser for Improved Accessibility

If you’re experiencing difficulties in web navigation due to visual impairments, there are measures you can take to enhance your online experience:

For individuals who are blind or have significant visual impairments:

  • Employ software to read web pages aloud
  • Utilize keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation
  • Enhance text size for better readability
  • Use screen magnification for detailed on-screen content
  • Adjust text and text colors for contrast efficacy
  • Customize mouse pointer for easy tracking (specific to Windows)

For users finding difficulty with traditional keyboard or mouse operations:

  • Consider using voice recognition software like Dragon Naturally Speaking to navigate web services through voice commands.

Resources for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Columbus Real Estate Agents recognizes the challenges faced by those who are deaf or hard of hearing and offers several features to support accessibility:

  • Transcripts: These text equivalents of audio content include spoken dialogue and non-spoken sounds.
  • Captioning: Videos have synchronized captions overlaying the content to benefit individuals who cannot hear the audio for various reasons. Instructions for enabling captions on platforms like YouTube are available.
  • Volume Controls: Adjusting the volume controls on your devices and within the media players can help tailor your listening experience.

Your accessibility is our priority, and we endeavor to enhance user experience for all individuals.