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For Home Buyers

Buying a home can be an exciting and sometimes scary and stressful journey. Follow these steps to ensure you make the most out of your home buying process. Find the best Realtors in Columbus Ohio to start your journey.


Get Pre-Approved

Home ownership starts with getting pre-approved for a mortgage - the cornerstone of the home buying process. It not only pinpoints your search to properties within your financial reach but also instills confidence in the seller about your purchasing capabilities.

Find An Experienced Agent

Columbus Realtors Association has curated the list of the best-of-the-best.

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Reflect, Identify, Communicate

Decision time! Decide where you want to purchase.

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For Sellers

Things to do for sellers, find a local expert in the community. Start your home search in New Albany, Hilliard, Dublin, and Columbus today.


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Presenting Your Bid

Once you’ve set your sights on your dream home, your whether in New Albany or Columbus, your agent acts as your representative, skillfully presenting your offer to the seller and maintaining seamless communication throughout the negotiation process. With Cutler Real Estate’s advanced technology platform, you can sign documents electronically, accelerating the buying process.

Finalizing the Deal

After riding the emotional roller-coaster of a real estate transaction, the closing process marks the finishing line. Often termed as the “Settlement” or “Escrow” process, it is managed in Ohio by a real estate escrow and title company, agreed upon by both buyer and seller during negotiations. The title company collects all necessary information from various sources like the title examiner, mortgage company, real estate agents, and both parties to prepare for the title transfer to you, the proud new homeowner.

This comprehensive process typically takes 30–45 days, depending on factors like financing conditions, appraisal, successful property inspections, title exam, and property survey. Once completed, you and the seller will schedule a meeting to sign the final closing documents. In most areas, the property title is officially transferred to the new owner when the deed is executed, delivered, and recorded at the county recorder’s office.

Welcome Home

The moment of truth arrives when you receive the keys on a mutually agreed date between you and the seller. As the deed records, if agreed that keys are delivered at closing, you are officially a homeowner. Celebrate, for you have successfully crossed the threshold into your new home!